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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Alyssa Is Home From Spain And She Had A GREAT Time

My Daughter, Alyssa Rhonda Kronlund, is HOME FROM SPAIN!!!! Thank you Jesus for a safe trip, it is so good to have her home safe and sound!!!! She had so much fun and seen so many beautiful sites. I have looked at her pictures and it is truly amazing the beauty in that country. I am sure the pictures do not do it justice though. Maybe someday I will go there with her and see the sites for myself.....we'll see, I will have to gear up for that one. I am a home body and LOVE being home!!!!!!!

Alyssa in Spain pondering "life is a open road"...where should I go next :)

Alyssa in Spain

I LOVE this picture!!!!! Alyssa was in a shop in Spain that was full of mirrors. She took this picture of her reflection in one of the mirrors and highlighted the orange colors in the shop. She is such a good photographer with so many great ideas.....I wish I had her talent in that area!!!!! Great job's proud of you!!!!!

My Mom and My Grandpa Betz

I went home to Spooner on Monday for a couple of days this week. My grandpa Betz, who is 95 years old, was very sick with phenomena and was very close to death for a about a week. My mom even flew home from Arizona to over see his care while he was in the hospital. He is doing much better now and it is hard to believe that he was half dead a week ago. His bout with phenomena seems to have taken a toll on his short term memory though. He is having a hard time remembering who visited him and even who they are at times. It is sad to see....all I can say is tough to get old. So we need to enjoy every day we have while we can!!!!!

Me and Grandpa Betz

My Mom, Grandpa Betz, and his nephew Elmer

On a finally note. As I was coming home the other night...I snapped a picture of this BEAUTIFUL sun set!!!!! God is truly the artist of ALL artists!!!!!! We humans think we have all the answers and all the talent. But all we have to do is to open our eyes and look around and it doesn't take very long and we can see.....GOD IS GOD and we are NOT.


Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

I know your heard is just tickled to have your dear one home again. Love all the photos. And I'm so glad that your Grandpa is doing better. How blessed you are to have him!


runstrong said...

Next time you're coming with! :)