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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday MOM and Whatch Workin On Wednesday

Today is my beautiful Mom's 70th birthday....Happy Birthday Mom, you are the BEST MOM EVER

A blast from the past pic.......My Mom and her band "The New Edition" This picture was taken in the early 80's at the Spooner Rodeo in Spooner, Wisconsin.

I can't believe my Mom is 70. When we were little she would always say....."I'm 29 and holding" and I believed her...LOL..awhhhh youth

My mom loves is her gift. She can play the fiddle, the guitar, the bass guitar and she sings like an angle. In the late 70's and early 80's her band, "The New Edition", was the Rodeo Band for our Rodeo in Spooner, Wisconsin. Because it is an outdoor arena and if the wind was just right, you could hear her singing all over Spooner....I was so proud of her!!!! Her band also played every Saturday night back then at Pair O' Lakes lodge...... people LOVED to dance to her music and visit with her on her breaks. She was the bell of the ball.

My Mom, this summer, playing at a pie social in town...She is still beautiful. She fell off a ladder this summer and hurt her knee real bad and had to be in a knee brace and even had surgery on her knee late Fall.........but it didn't stop her from playing, you know what they say............The show must go on

My mom and her band..the guys on each side of her are the original members of "The New Edition". They are also in the "blast from the past" picture above..they still all look GREAT!!!!

As the years have gone by, they now play for for retirements parties, birthday parties, pie socials, community functions, and New Years Eve parties. They also love to go to the nursing homes and play for the residence...the residence LOVE my Mom.

No matter where my Mom goes, she always finds some one to play music with. She is the type of person that when you met her she is an instant friend. She will tell you her whole life story and talk your ear off you and then some. She is one in a million....full of life and laughter. To me, she will ALWAYS BE 29 and holding and that's the way I like it...... Happy Birthday MOM.....I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!!!

Whatch Workin On Wednesday

The first thing I did this morning before I did anything was take the Christmas tree and decorations down. What a good feeling that was!!!!! Then it was off to my work room to finish up some of my creations I have been working on.

I finished this stitch picture sampler the other day but had to include it in my pictures today. I LOVE this saying!!!! because it is soooooooo true!!!!!

A variety of dolls I have been working on...they are all work in progress

prairie dress stitchery sampler I finished up today. It says..."EVERY TIME A CHILD IS BORN SO IS A GRANDMA

This stump doll is my newest creation. I made this pattern up and was surprised it turned out. Sometimes what I in vision in my head doesn't always come out in my hands. I was pleased with this guy though....he's so ugly he's cute

I put the final touches on this small pioneer dress today and...I LOVE IT!!!! After I coffee stained the dress, I let it dry real wrinkled up and it looks so old and prim. For some reason, lately I can't get enough of the prairie era.

I then listed these items on ebay, ran to the grocery store, dropped my car off for some warranty work that needs to be done. Came home and made supper...rubbed my husbands aching back and neck, (he had a hard day) and now I am off to, all in all I had a very busy but productive day.

Hope you all enjoyed your Wednesday....God Bless....Rhonda


Leslie said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom :)The present for your Mom is very nice! I love your stitched flowers and vines on there.

Love all that you have been working on. Great job!

Have a great day :)