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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Home Sweet Home


Last weekend I went HOME!!!! I know that I am for now, living in Wisconsin Rapids because of Brent's job, but Spooner is and always will be my HOME. It was so nice to see familiar sites and familiar people. I went to Economart and seen my buddies, I miss my job so much!!! Not that wrapping meat in a meat department is glamorous, but it was a great place to work and my co-workers were like family to me, (well one really was, I worked with my brother Derrick there, he is one the butchers). I can't believe that I worked there for 7 years....time flies when you're having fun.

Our horses......The GREATEST and SWEETEST horses in the whole world.....Gretta is at the water tank, Malachi is in the middle, and Bo is looking straight at you. He is the boss...he is 25 and still going strong...WHAT A MAN!!!!!!!

Brent and I stayed at Travis and Kara's house, They are such great hosts. They made us supper on the grill Friday night and breakfast Sunday morning...steak and eggs. It is so nice to sit at the table in the morning as a family and enjoy a hot cup of coffee together, life does not get any better then that. On Saturday, Brent built an insulated water tank for the horses. That way Kara and Trav will not have to haul water to the horses in the winter. It was nice to see the horses I really miss them and it was nice to spend time outside on a beautiful day.

My daughter Kara Sheilda taking down her hanging baskets and fall decos for the winter.

My daughters Kara, Alyssa, and I went to Pillers for lunch on Saturday (yes, while Brent was slaving away on the water tank) was soooooooo good....all 3 of us had the poor boy mmmmmm. Here are some pics of us enjoying out time together.

Alyssa enjoying her coffee at Piller's

Kara and I

I always cherish my time with my girls, they truly are the best gifts God gave to me!!!! Alyssa and I ended up going to Hayward after lunch. Kara didn't want to go...sometime it takes a bomb going off to get Kara out of the house, she is a real home body. Alyssa on the other hand is always ready to roll. We went to our favorite hot spots in Hayward and then finished it off with a trip to the thrift store. They were having an all you can stuff in a bag for $2 sale so I got some sweaters to make my Santa hats out of...what a find. Last summer Alyssa became my garage sale buddy. She wasn't real sure about it at first but, we hit a good one and she was hooked. So every Friday, we would grab the Advocate (the Spooner paper) and map out our route and head out. We usually stopped at Alley Cat's for coffee sometime during the course. It was a great time we shared together and I hope we can do it again this summer. So anyway, she has also become a thrift store shopper too.

Kara, Trav, Sandy, Aaron

Aaron, Sandy, and Mike (Kara's in-law's) stopped over to show us Aaron's Halloween costume. Aaron had a school dance Friday night and they could dress up if they wanted to and of course Aaron was all over that. Needless to say, they had a costume judging and Aaron won....good job Aaron!!!!!
Kara and Garrett

Kara and I stopped in to see our little grandson Garrett (Mandy's son). He is getting so big. He crawls with lighting speed and is a very busy boy.

Well, that's it in a nut shell. I always enjoy going home and spending time with my precious family. I miss them sooooo much!!!! I am going home again on November 22 for a craft show that my sister Sheilda, Kara and I are doing in Spooner. I can't wait!!!!!

God Bless, Rhonda