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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cranberry Harvest

Travis, our son-in-law, running one of the beaters at harvest.

Floating cranberries

Noah and I enjoying a beautiful day at the cranberry marsh.

Brent and Noah enjoying the day.

It's that time of year again...shorter days, cooler nights and cranberry harvest. Here we are, my husband, I and our precious grandson Noah. We are in front of a cranberry bed that has just been picked. The berries are floating and ready to be taken off the bed and put into a semi trailer for delivery to an Ocean Spray Plant. It is a beautiful site when the beds are red with floating berries. Growing cranberries is a great way to make a living and a wonderful way of life. Happy Harvest to all the farmers!!!!


upnorth said...

Hey, love the pix! Good to see you all! Earlene

A Fresh Touch said...

Hi Rhonda,

I love the pumpkin prim, and I love your blog!

Please know you are loved & missed. Have a great day!!

Love, Ruth