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Monday, January 30, 2012

A Lot To Blog About

Hello to my blog friends and family. So many things have happened since my last post!!! For one, I am officially done with school (my last day was December 17th). And to add to the excitement....I am now a licensed cosmetologist:) I took my state boards last Monday, and the results came in the mail Saturday and I passed!!!!! I will even tell you all my score because I am so proud of was a 93.....what a sweet relief!!!!

I interviewed and was hired at a salon called Hair's What's Happening in Spooner the end of December (it was one of the salon's I job shadowed at and I really liked it). We decided to scheduled my first day of work on January 26th, which was last Thursday. So I showed up for duty that day, and I absolutely LOVE it!!!! My work schedule is Thursdays, Fridays and every other Saturday for now...and as I build my cliental, I will add another day. The salon is so clean, professional and very well organized. I love my boss and my co-workers and the clients are amazing too. I am excited to start my career and learn and grow as a stylist.

My cosmetology teachers at WITC, in Rice Lake. Ms. G, myself, and Ms. L. They were great teachers and I miss them very much. I was only there a semester, but I learned a lot from these ladies:)
Here is a picture of my class at Rice Lake. They are all great girls and I wish them all a successful career.

Our cake

Before the holidays, I was able to do a craft show with my sister in the twin cities. It was one she had done last year and really liked. I didn't get a change to make anything new because of school (no time), but I had a few things left over from last year that I brought along with me.

Here is a display of cat's my sister cute!
My sister in our booth

I did get a chance to crochet some of these potholders....sorry I didn't rotate the picture.

My sister makes salsa, jellies, relishes, and handmade laundry soap. They were a big hit!!!!

While I was at my sisters, she gave me one of her spider plants she had started from scratch. Now that I have sunlight....I am going to try to grow some greens to add a touch of warmth to our home.

Because I can not just sit at night and watch TV.......and because my sewing room is still not set up....I picked up a craft that I had long forgotten about, crocheting. I started making some hats and potholders and dishcloths, it is so relaxing to sit at night and crochet up a storm. I gave some of my hats for christmas gifts and also made one from myself. I thought they needed a little sparkle, so I dug around in my vintage jewelry collection and found some vintage earrings to sew in the middle of the the sparkle it added.

My manikin heads from school came in handy:)

Lady in red


We celebrated our first Christmas in our new house. I was so nice to have all our family together enjoying good food and fun times together.

We were all bellied up to the Christmas Eve feast.

Our Christmas tree this year. I found this tinsel tree at a garage sale last summer, I have wanted one for a LONG time. I had planned on also putting up a real tree but, because I was so busy with school, decided the tinsel tree was enough. Next year, I will go all out and decorate the house up good. But there is one nice thing about not going all out on the decorating.....there is not as much to take down after Christmas....loved that:)

Last but not least.....our blood hound is growing like a weed, she is an awesome dog!!!! We started letting her in the house late Fall....she is doing so well. We only let her on a blanket by the fireplace because we don't want hound dog hair all over the house and scratches on our new floor. She is very content there and is minding so good.

My birds.....I finally got the birds I have always wanted. I found this clothes drying rack at a garage sale also last summer. It makes an excellent bird feeding perch.

Our hound dog fast asleep:)

And if you are wondering about our chickens....well, the girls are laying eggs like crazy, about 17-20 a day. It's so nice to have fresh eggs to enjoy and share with the family:)

Well, it's it for now....ohhhh, I do have one more thing to tell you all. After my state boards last Monday, I headed to the twin cities to spend some time with my sister and nephew and also to reward myself for finishing school and state boards by buying a new Mac computer. My Dell got a virus last April and I have spent way too much time and way too much money trying to get rid of it, sooooo I finally junked it and moved on. I LOVE my new Mac....still learning how to get around on it, but it is not that hard. I am also excited because I can finally Skype with my daughter Alyssa who is teaching English in South Korea. I miss her so much!!!!

Hopefully, now that my life has a schedule again, I can find more time to blog. Have a blessed day everyone...until next time....Rhonda


mimis kitchen52 said...

Didn't see this last week, sorry! I was busy getting ready for surgery, come see me when you have a free day, I'm just hanging out at homw unless I get to go to the store for a lap around, LOL!! Glad you passed with an awesome score!