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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2 More Days...And I Am Going Home For Good

I can't believe that the day I have been waiting for, for so long, is only 2 days away......I am going home to Spooner, Wisconsin for good on Thursday!!!!!

Home is where my heart is!!!! But....leaving Wisconsin Rapids also means leaving so many wonderful friends. First off, I will miss Joni from "Country Freckles" soooooo much. She has been such a blessings to me and I feel like I have known her all my life. Who would have thought that almost 3 years ago when I walked into her store, inquiring if she would consign my handmade dolls, that I would make a forever friend. Sewing my dolls and keeping her store stocked is what kept me sane here in Rapids. It kept my hands, mind and body busy and I also learned so much about myself through this experience. I will never forget our trips to market and am looking forward to going on more trips in the future. Thanks Joni for everything and for being such a wonderful friend. And then there is Lisa, who is also one on my traveling to market buddies. Joni, Lisa and I always have fun together no matter what we are doing....I will miss you Lisa...keep them signs are sooooo talented!!!

And then there are all my friends at school. These gals have become so precious to me. We have been through so much together, homework and lots of it....learning how to cut and do hair....working on our clients when we were totally clueless the first few weeks...and just all and all making memories with these girls who are all young enough to be my daughters. They have all been so good to me even though I am way older then them. They have such a free spirit and I will have to say they keep me young. I will miss them so much!!!! And then there are our 4 teachers....they are the BEST and I have learned so much from them!!!! I will miss them more then they know.

Some of my classmates as we were waiting to line up at graduation night.

Me, Cassie and Lauren....I love these girls!!!!

Me and my husband at graduation, I was so glad he was able to be there. He started his new job 5 weeks ago and has been living in our home in Spooner by himself. I have been driving home (which is 3 1/2 hours away) every weekend to be with him....but this Thursday when I head home.....I will be home to STAY!!!!!

Here I am in front of the sign I look at every day before I walk into the salon, what wonderful memories I have to my school days at Mid-State College. Even though we walked with the graduating classes at mid-state college...we all have hours to finish before we will have our diplomas. My class will go to school through the summer and they will finish up in August. I, on the other hand, because I am going home, will have to finish up in Rice Lake, WI which is about a 35 minute drive from our house. I am hoping to get in in August, I will only have about 450 hours left and am hoping they will go fast.
Brent and I had our 1st big family cookout on Mother's Day weekend at our new house. It was so nice be with family and enjoy eating and visiting together.

Our Mother's Day feast....our kitchen island is perfect for setting up the food buffet it!!!!

I took this picture from inside our dining room

It was sooooo beautiful out side that day, I set up some tables and chairs on our deck for those who wanted to enjoy the fresh air. I love the fact that our decks are off our dinning room, you can either be inside or outside but we still are all close by which makes visiting easier.

Here is everyone enjoying the sunshine.

My son and adorable!!!

A view of those who chose to eat inside...I love this set up!!!!

My grandson Carson.....I love this little boy so much!!!!!!!!!!

Last but not least, I have to tell you the story behind this cake. It was my birthday on friday, May 13th and Lindsey (one of my classmates) had this cake made for me. The girls had been telling me for about 2 weeks that my 21st birthday was coming up and that we would have to celebrate it. I would say "YES, I can't wait....I can drink now" (that's all I hear, when they turn 21 they can drink)...and they would laugh. Well, we had a potluck on Friday and this cake was front and center at our potluck table. I LOVED it and thought it was soooo thoughtful of them to remember me on my birthday. I am really 51...but I think I like their take on my age better:) So, I guess you are only as old as you feel and I don't feel a day over 21:) And because I will be leaving them in 2 days.....they all say they will miss me and I am sure going to miss them too!!!!

On that note, I am going to head to bed.....6am comes early that's for sure...God Bless you all!!!!!

until next time....Rhonda


TheCrankyCrow said...

Wow, Rhonda....51...really???! You could have sold me on 21... Yikes! You look GOOD!!! Anywhohow -Congratulations!! And GOOD LUCK in your new home, your new life! I know Joni will miss you horribly - every time I see her, she speaks of you....I'll see her this Friday hopefully....Take good care and keep on posting!! Smiles & Hugs, Robin

upnorth said...

I can't wait to see you!!!! It will be so fun to have you here!!! Earl

A Primitive Homestead said...

This is a bitter sweet time for you. Leaving so many friends behind & starting your new life at your wonderful new home. Wishing you much hapiness. Happy Birthday. Blessings!

Kathy S. said...

Congratulations!!! How exciting for you! Maybe you could swing into my shop and say hi sometime! :)

Happy Birthday!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hi Rhonda,
Oh what a lovely are such a beautiful lady and I didn't think for one minute that you WEREN'T 21! You can pull it off LADY!

Congratulations of 'graduation' and beautiful colors of the gowns I will say.

Now...on to the Rapids. I get there every so brother lives in Adams and we visit and take a trip to the Rapids.
Now I haven't been to Country Freckles but am really looking forward to it...

May you have a wonderful new life with your husband and beautiful family.

What a cutie that grandson is. Good looks in the entire family.

I live in Southeast Wisconsin.