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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back To School Tomorrow And A Husband Of Many Talents

My vacation is officially over, tomorrow it's back to school for me. I am actually really glad to be going back because I want to get school over with so I can get to work and start making money:), 7 more months to go.

Anyway, I did enjoy my time off though. Brent and I spend most of the time in Spooner enjoying our new house and also enjoying our family. We had Mandy and the boys over for supper one night as you can see, baby Levi really enjoyed dessert.

Baby Levi...what a cutie!!!!

Grandpa Brent and our grandsons Levi and Garrett....I love this picture, it's soooo precious!!!!

A Little Prim'in

We came back to Wisconsin Rapids last Monday which gave me a few days to enjoy sewing before I start back to school. I made up some cats, some little hens, Easter eggs, Valentine hearts and some bunny ornies. I took them all to Country Freckles on Saturday, but forgot my camera so I didn't get to take pictures of my finished creations. I am going to go to Country Freckles during my lunch break Tuesday, so I will take some pictures then and post them.

Until then, here are the cats I made.....they are work in progress here. I painted 2 of them black and 1 on them I coffee stained.

close up....when they were finished....they turned out really cute.

Here are the little hens, these are also pictures of them while they were work in progress. I will have finished pics to show you Tuesday.

Little hens in a row.

Another view of the hens.

Here are my Easter eggs, I coffee stained them and then laid them out on the stove to dry. They will look so adorable in a dough bowl with the bunny ornies I made...stay tuned, pictures to come:)

My Wonderful Husband, A Man Of Many Talents

Now, on to the good stuff. My very manly man, who is not only an amazing house builder, bull-dozer operator, cranberry marsh builder, Mr. fix-it and handy man had one more talent up his sleeve.....he is a colorist and he didn't even know it:)

I was soooooo desperate to have my hair colored before I started school tomorrow (sitting in the classroom with 18-22 year olds, sportin a HUGE gray streak down the middle of my head, is NOT something I want to do if I can help it). So because we are back in Rapids now, and he is the only one available to help, he got drafted.

He is such a good he is mixing up the color after I measured out everything.

All gloved up and ready to roll...notice the beer in the back ground, lol

Here we go!!!!!

Now if you ask me.....this is true love :)

I had to teach him how to apply it, he got the hang of it really fast...I think I he's got the job to do all my colors from now on....he's a natural, lol

Almost done.....I'm lookin real lovely here...NOT

TaaaDaaaa.... here I am all smiles with the gray all did a great job honey thank you soooo much!!!!! I am ready to head back to school tomorrow with my head held high and my hair gray free....thank God!!!!!

I am a blessed woman to have such a wonderful husband....he is soooo good to me and I thank God for him everyday. I am sure there are many wonderful husbands out there that would color their wives hair for them when asked.....I am just glad I was lucky enough to get one of them!!!!!! I better head to bed now....6am comes awful fast!!!!!

Blessings to you all until next time:) Rhonda


upnorth said...

You are so funny! It was fun to see a few times at the store! Thanks for the hen pictures, I love chickens!!!! Blessings, Earl