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Sunday, November 28, 2010

I Am So Thankful For My Blessings

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving...I sure did. It was so nice to be with family and enjoy making memories together, that is what life is about as far as I am concerned. Next year, we will be celebrating the Holiday's in our new house with our precious family.....what a blessing that will be!!!! The above pictures is a pic of a Santa I bought at the craft show yesterday. My sister and I usually do this show but because I could not make anything this year because of going to school we couldn't, I had to buy something prim this year though....I LOVE IT!!!!

It has been a busy 4 days here in Spooner for Brent and I. Brent has pretty much worked on the house the whole time...he starts at 5am and does not quit until around 9pm. I have not seen much of him, his is such a trooper. I show up and sweep and clean where it is needed, but I am pretty much his gofer and his meals-on-wheels. It will be nice when our kitchen appliances are in and working, then I can cook meals there instead of hauling out food for us....can't wait.

Kara and Trav's adorable livingroom all decked out for Christmas

My daughter Kara and son-in law Travis hosted Thanksgiving for us all this year was so nice!!! They really went all-out for us. Kara cooked her little heart out and her house was decorated so cute and she even made us a breakfast spinach bake.....Thank you Kara for all your work, I love you so much and am SOOOOO proud of you!!!!!

Kara stirring up and wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.

She looked so cute in her little apron...I had to get this precious!!!!!

Our Kitchen

Here are a few pictures of our kitchen....we set the cook top in the island just to see how it would look and I was shocked at how big it was. When we picked it out this spring....I didn't realize it was this big....gotta love my husband....his motto is "GO BIG OR GO HOME":)

The counter tops will be installed in about 2 weeks from now....that will really bring this look together. The cherry cabinets along with the granite will be awesome!!!!! I know, what is a prim girl doing with cherry and granite...I like the prims sprinkled in with the granite:)...can't help myself:)

A better view of our big cook top, look at the size of those knobs!!! I LOVE my shelves which will be above the sink, these are the second try at them....the ones they had up there before just were not my vision, I explained to them what I wanted but they just didn't quit get it. But, they did a good job on the second try....Thanks guys!!!!

My husband got all our doors hung this week also.....this a view from our bedroom looking into our bathroom. They got the surround cherry around our tub and I absolutely LOVE our french doors!!!!!


I did a few haircuts while I was home. Above is my daughter Alyssa's boyfriend, Shannon. He is such a cute kid and soooo funny. Alyssa said that he had to do a glamor shot after I was finished.....we had so much fun!!!!! I think I could have taken a little bit more off the top or maybe textured it....but I was not sure how short he wanted to really go. I was glad to get the practice and enjoyed cutting his hair so much....I think I am really going to love this job!!!!

Alyssa made him pose.....too funny!!! What a good sport you are Shannon!!!!

And last but not least....I gave my son, Kasey, a haircut. I went pretty short with him....I think he looks very handsome!!!! Sitting on his lap, is my precious grandson Carson. He played with his hotwheel cars the whole time I was cutting Kasey's was a challenge trying to keep him out of the hair on the floor..... Granny loves you so much Carson!!!!!!

Well, now I am off to work at the Antique Mall until 3pm....then it's out to the house to pick up my sweetie and then we will be heading back to Rapids to get back to reality....can't wait til my reality is back here in Spooner with my family!!!!!

God Bless you all, Rhonda


upnorth said...

So cute of Kara!! Her house is so doggone cute!!! I'm next in line for a haircut, girlfriend!!! Have a great week!Earl

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love that big kitchen you are getting..will be so nice when it is done and up and the doors did a fantastic job on the haircuts.I remember those days..and they were so much fun.;)

Lorna/Live Oak Primitive Peddler said...

I love your big kitchen!! I know you are anxious to be "home". You have a beautiful family!!