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Monday, February 22, 2010

A Place Called Home

When Brent and I were home in Spooner, Wi about a week ago, we spent some time at our land with a few contractors going over our house plans. We are ready to break ground as soon as the weather breaks. I am soooo excited for this to happen I can hardly stand it!!!!!

Here is a view of where our house is going to be built. Our house will have a walk-out basement so our house will be built into this hill.

This will be the front yard and the view from the covered porch. Those are farmers fields in the distance between the trees....beautiful in the summer!!!

This will be the view from our bedroom...I am going to enjoy all that sunshine!!!

And this is the view from the walk-out basement and also the back yard. I can just visualize my garden back here...can't wait!!!! We have 40 acres of land here with lots of walking trails in the woods and a small apple orchard in the field, God has truly blessed us!!!!

We already have our kitchen designed and the cabinet maker hired. We ordered our appliances last week but put them on hold to arrive in July when the cabinet maker will be installing the cabinets. The appliances are stainless and our cabinets are going to be cherry.....I can't wait to see our gorgeous kitchen finished!!!!


Today I am going to try to finish up some cleaning I started yesterday and then head to my sewing room and get some dolls finished up. I am going to Spooner next week to spend time with family and friends and also work at The Red Door Antique Mall. Rox, my girlfriend who also has a booth in the mall said I have sold some things and have some empty to my ears so I better get sewing so I can fill them up.

I have also been on the treadmill trying to get ready for the 5K my daughter signed me up for on May 1st. Its coming along pretty good. On am usually on the treadmill for 20 minutes and am up to a 3 minute run....pretty good considering I couldn't even run 1 minute when I started. And then after the treadmill, I do a exercise video called Turbo Jam for 20 minutes. It a slow process but I am sticking to it and will hope for the best :)

Hope everyone has a great day everyone and God Bless...Rhonda


Old Road Primitives said...

Hi Rhonda, Thanks for joining my Blog! Congratulations on your new home! We had our first home built in 08' and it was so much fun! I hope you share pics of your new home as you go along! Blessings, Kim

Anonymous said...
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Chatty Kathy~Palmetto Prims said...

What a beautiful homesite!! Post pics of your progress so we can enjoy with you. Welcome to my blog!! I love making new friends. Stop over anytime.

upnorth said...

Hey, did you open your prize??? What did you think of the garland? See this week! Earl

Candy said...

You will have a beautiful view. Deer will be your friend with the woods, fields and apples.