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Monday, August 10, 2009

Muggy Monday Morning

It is a very muggy Monday here in Rapids. It seemed like summer was NEVER going to get here but I think she has arrived with a vengeance. According to the weather channel, this is just the start of a very hot week.

I enjoy seeing pictures of everyone's gardens so much, I LOVE GARDENING and CANNING. But again...we are in a rental so for now, my garden is in pots on the deck. So here are some pictures of my pole green beans, cucumber plants and tomato plants. I have never gardened in pots before so I am learning as I go. My plants ended up getting Japanese beetles so my husband and I had to dust everything with seven dust daily for a while. I think we have them under control but my plants did take a bit of a hit from the ugly bugs rrrrrrrrrr.....they are so annoying!!!!!!!

I have been watering with Miracle Grow weekly and they are starting to climb the fence and get full and bushy

my tomato plant

They are recovering slowly from the bug thing and hopefully will produce beans soon

Here is a view of my whole pot garden along with my wash tub and flowers

This is one of my favorite flowers pots. I picked this hanging pot up this spring at a sale and I LOVE IT!!!!!

My ferns have doubles in size

Today is going to be a working day for me. I have many many Fall primitives to finish up and get delivered to Country Freckles before Wednesday. Why before Wednesday...well..... Joni, Lisa and I are heading to Columbus, Ohio for a Market show. I am excited to see all the vendors and items for sale. I will be posting pictures of our trip for sure!!!!!

Painted witches hats, crows, bats, stars and a lone horse all ready for some attention

Painted prims

Orange pumpkins and black in progress

As you can see I have a lot of work to do so I will say goodbye for now...have a BLESSED day everyone.....Rhonda


upnorth said...

You little pot garden looks so cute on the porch!!! Our garden is doing good, but Gordon doens't put much worth in flowers, so ours isn't as pretty as yours!!! Have a great trip in Jesus' name! Blessings, Earl!!!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Love your garden and you sure have been busy with your fall prims:)