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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Craft Show

I know I have been MIA for a very long much has happened since my last post I would not even know where to start.  Soooooo, I will start with pictures of my new Granddaughter Sophie.  She was born in February and is sooooooooo precious.  I always enjoy the time I get to spent with her, she is a happy-healthy baby and she is also my first Granddaughter:)  I LOVE her so much!!!

 She spent the night with us Saturday night, we had so much fun:)

She looks so much like my Son....I love it!!!

She was more interested in chewing on her book then me reading it to her, lol

Cheese Granny:)

2012 Craft Show

My sister and I did our annual craft show in the Twin Cities last weekend.  We had so much fun as always:)  We sold our jam's, relishes and salsa's and primitives.

Here are some Wiener Dogs I made.....they were a real hit.  Thank you "Crows Roost Primitives" for the pattern:)

And here is one of my snowmen....he turned out really cute:)

 I really like these snowman wreaths....I found some rusty barbed wire, I had my husband form them into wreaths and then I hung one of my snowman head in the middle of it and added white it!!!

My sister made her jam's, relishes and salsa's.......they were a big hit too:)

My sister standing in front of all her hard work.

A view of our whole booth

Another look at one of my snowmen.

Everything looked so cute set up:)

Prims galore.

My tree of snowman heads:)

Since my last post, I am pleased to announce that I have a job that I love!!!!!  I am working in a salon called D'Ahvee's and I LOVE it!!!!  I will post pictures of my work place soon.  My boss is letting me sell my prims at the salon which is so fun:)

Well that's it for now, time to get ready for work.....blessing to you all, it's good to be back.....Rhonda


Debby said...

Welcome back. Congratulations on your job. How nice that you can sell your things there as well. Love your snowmen.

Please don't use word verification. It's very easy to remove.

Rhonda said...

Thank you Debby, It is good to be back:)

Rhonda said...

Hi Debby, I have a quick question for you....what is word verification???? not sure what it is or how to remove it. There are a lot of new things on the blog pages that have been added since my last post...just wondering, thank you

mimis kitchen52 said...

Love to see you are back!!! Miss you!

Cute Girl said...