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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christmas Grand Opening At Country Freckles

I am so proud of Joni, owner of Country Freckles!!!!! She bought a building on 8th street, which is THE main street in Wisconsin Rapids, late this past summer. Joni has said since I met her almost 3 years ago....."I want to buy a building on 8th street". A building finally came up for sale that she was interested in and it didn't take long before she had things in motion. I remember when we were in Columbus, Ohio at market late this summer......she was getting phone calls like you would NOT believe from her realitor, the contractors she has lined up for the remolding, the electricians, the furnace name it, they were calling her. I was thinking to myself and finally said it, " you think you really want to buy this seems like a lot of headache and a lot of work waiting ahead for you". She said, "I'm doing it", she had a vision and she was NOT giving up on her dream. Well, to make a long story short...Country Freckles now has a new home......everything is moved into Joni's new building....the HARD work has been done and it is sooooooooooooooooo GORGEOUS!!!!!! Joni has proved to me that if you want your dreams to come true and are willing to WORK hard for will happen. You are an amazing women Joni, you work harder then ANY woman I know....I thank God that he had blessed me with you friendship!!!! I wish you God's blessing as you enjoy your new journey!!!!!!

Joni's open house was tonight, it was absolutely amazing!!!!! She let me snap a few pics to share with all of you.....I am going to stop in tomorrow on my lunch to snap some more. There we TOO many people in the store to really get the whole feel of the store in my pictures, I didn't want to be annoying. I was so glad to see the line up at the check out deck!!!!!!

I really LOVED this display!!!!!

This display looks sooooo peaceful, you just want to set down and have a cup of coffee and take it all in!!!!

I LOVE these coverlets!!!! Like I said, I am going to Country Freckles on my lunch hour to take more stay tuned:)


Last weekend, Brent and I went home once again and worked on our hardwood floors. Brent finished up laying it....and I started staining what was laid. Here is a picture of the bathroom before I started staining.

Here is a picture of a good start:)

Done with the bathroom and walk-in closet and heading out into our bedroom.

Brent finishing up the kitchen and working his way into the dining room.

Lookin good

I finished up our bedroom and bath and headed to the other end of the house.

My daughter, Alyssa's room....LOVE IT!!!

A view of the spare bathroom and our office. We are going home to finish stay tuned for more pics. We are hoping to have the kitchen cabinets installed November 18ish...can't wait for that!!!!

School Daze Update

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE long hair design......I can tell that is it going to be one of my favorite things to do in the salon. I think because I have long hair and my girls have long hair is the reason I like long hair design. It just feels comfortable to me and I am excited to learn all I can about how to do up-do's for weddings, proms ect..... The picture above is a before.....

And here is an after.....I really liked doing this design. It is done by doing knots though out...LOVED IT!!!!
Here is a view of the back.....I would totally wear this up-do to a fancy event....maybe someday I will.

Today, was a really big day for me....I had my first client, I gave her a perm and a haircut. It went really well, she left happy and my teachers were very pleased's always good when the teachers are happy too:) I had a really good day and can't wait until next Thursday when I will get a chance to work on the public again. Until then......stay tuned for more pics of Country Freckles new store.....Blessings to you all....Rhonda


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

glad to hear all is that updo..and love the color of your floors...can't wait to see more of your friends shoppe.:>)

upnorth said...

Thanks for keeping us posted with your life! Earl

Lorna/Live Oak Primitive Peddler said...

Just found your blog, love the shop!! Can't wait to see more pics. Also love your home and the floors are awesome. We built a new home and did most of the work ourselves including putting down the flooring. Had it stained and finished and wished we had done it ourselves, could have done a better job. Oh well, live and learn. Is your floor Hickory? Ours is and it looks similar. Look forward to following your blog.