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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Whatcha Workin On Wednesday

Couldn't have asked for a more beautiful Wednesday here in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. The sun was shinning, it was a perfect temperature and I got a lot done....PERFECT!!!!

My awesome find at Poor Richards Antique Sale In Spooner, Wisconsin a couple weeks ago

Anyway, while I was in Spooner a couple weeks ago, I picked up this old rusty tool/rake thing at Poor Richard's antique sale along with many other awesome goodies :) I LOVE Richard's Sales.....he has the most awesome finds there. That is where my daughter bought her bin I posted about a few posts back click here if you would like to see it...she only paid $195.00 for it which was a real steal!!!!!! When I saw this rake I knew I could do something cool with it. Well, this is what I came up with....a 4-season ornie hanger. I thought this piece was too nice to just have up for Fall so I made ornies for each season to hang off it so that way you can enjoy it all year round. I brought it to The Country Freckles today and Joni came up with another great idea for it. She sat a prairie doll right in the middle of it which turned it into a cool shelf also....the possibilities are endless!!!!!

Here is the Winter theme.....3 snowmen with a grungy hang tag that says
"Snow Flakes For Sale"

Here is the Spring theme...a bunny with flowers and a hang tag that says
"Welcome Spring Thyme"

Here is the Summer theme....3 crows and a watermelon with a hang tag that says
"Summer Thyme Crows"

Close up

And the Fall theme....PUMPKINS with a hang tag that says
"Field Pumpkins Pick Your Own"

I was very happy with the way this turned out. It looks a lot better in person and if you are into extreme would LOVE it!!!!!

I also finished up some of the cats I have been working on. Here are 3 of them in an antique sifter waiting for a new home. I LOVE these little cuties!!!! The sifter I also picked up on my travels to Spooner.....I LOVE THAT TOWN!!!!!

Front View

Last but now least, I made another church doll pocket but his time I didn't stitch the Ten Commendments on it...too much work so I simplified it a bit and stitched "Jesus Love Me" on each pocket!!!! But that doesn't mean the Ten Comandments are not VERY IMPORTANT I was just trying to save some time :) If you would like to see the Ten Commandment church doll I made click here. I got this pattern from Barefoot Primitives.

Here are the church dolls all tucked in

Here they are ready for a little girl to play with during church...awwwwwww can't you just see her little hands playing with them!!!

It folds in thirds and ties on the side so it is easy to take the dolls to church.

Here is a view of the back

My today's finished projects

So that is what I accomplished today. If you would like to share your Wednesday with us, go to Leslies blog and join in on the fun.

Have a BLESSED and Productive day....Rhonda

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Finished Up Projects And Getting a Jump On FALL Primitives

Raggedy Annie...everyone loves Annie's, especially prim Annie's

Yesterday I finished up some of the primitives I have been working on and brought them to "The Country Freckle". My stock is very low at the Freckle which is good because that means things are!!!!!!! Anyway, I decided to get a head start on some Fall primitives so I made some witch crow door dolls to kick off my Fall creations. I LOVE working on Fall.....I have so many ideas rolling around in my head I don't really know
where to start :)

Awwwwww.....what a cute little face

Here is a smaller Annie, she is just the right size for a tuck away primitive

Here is one of the witch crows I made....I LOVE the bat!!!!!

He looks awesome hanging on a door!!!!! But I got better pictures outside in the natural light so I stuck him in my flowers.

Here is a crow holding a pumpkin

I strung rusty bells on rusty wire and wrapped in around this pumpkin for a different look.

Some primitive pear ornies

Happy 3rd Anniversary Travis and Kara

I made this stitch picture for my daughter Kara and her husband Trav's 3rd Anniversary last week .....I think it's precious!!!!!

"The most important thing a father can do for his children is love their mother"
I LOVE this saying because I think it is so true!!!!

"Lead me oh Lord"
This is my prayer for all of us!!!!!

Well, that's about it for now. I have many work in progress projects going on and hope to get them gone Monday. As for today, my daughter Alyssa and I are going out for breakfast and then we are off to garage sale....I am hoping to kick up some vintage finds to use for my primitives :)

Have a BLESSED day everyone....God Bless....Rhonda

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shane's Graduation Party and Family Fun

My daughter Kara and I

Last weekend I traveled to Spooner and then I headed to Minnesota for my nephews graduation party. My sister and my mom worked very hard on this party and it was a complete success. Here are a few pictures of the event.

My daughter Alyssa and my son Kasey

My daughter Kara, her husband Trav, my mom and step-dad Ray

My sister in-law Ruth and my nephew Andy

My nephew Shane (who is the graduate) and I. Shane enlisted in the Marines. He heads to California for boot camp in November, so we cherish every minute we have with him right now.

Kara, Shane, and I

My mom

We had some good laughs, good food and enjoyed being together. It is always the highlight of my summer being able to be with family!!!!!!

After the party, my mom and Ray head out west on vacation to the black hills of South Dakota....lucky dogs!!!!! Someday soon, Brent and I are hoping to be able to sneak away for a weekend and spend it in Door County, Wisconsin. That is where we went on our honeymoon and LOVED IT!!!!!! We have always wanted to go back there so hopefully that will happen this Summer or this Fall....but we will see.

Well, I am going to spend the rest of my day finishing up my primitives. I have many dolls and fall items that just need finishing touches and then they will be heading to "The Country Freckle" to find new homes. I will post pictures later on my progress.....God Bless....Rhonda

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sale At The Country Freckle

The past few days, I have been at "The Country Freckle" helping Joni with her BIG store garage sale. She has so many wonderful items at such a GREAT buy.

Here is a view of one of the garages she has FULL of all her overstock and seasonal items. She was able to fill 3 garages which are located in the back of her shop. They are actually storage units that she rents to park vehicles in.

Here is a view of the other 2 garages. There is mostly furniture and silk flowers and candles in these.

Dig ladies dig!!!!!

The sale in going to run through Saturday. Saturday she is having a brat and hot dog feed with proceeds being donated to the Humane Society. Joni LOVES dogs...she has such a big heart for animals!!!!!!!!

But today I am heading to Spooner again because my Aunt Hertha died on Tuesday. I am planning on going to the visitation but will not be able to attend her funeral because I am heading to Minnesota on Saturday for my newphews graduation party which has been planned for months. My sister is almost nuts with all the work she has done for this party. I know who she feels, I have had 3 kids graduate. But anyway, Brent can not come with because he can not take anytime off so I am on my own. I will be back in Rapids Saturday night and plan on working all week on my dolls....I am so far behind right now.

I had to show you this awesome bin cabinet that my daughter picked up at an antique sale we went to last weekend. The cabinet was in an old store and is so primitive!!!!! This picture is right after we unloaded it from the truck.

And here it is in her living room all decorated is soooooooooooooo cool!!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!! God Bless....Rhonda

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Daughter Enjoying Her Annual Cotton Candy At The Rodeo

I had to post these picture of my daughter Alyssa enjoying her annual Rodeo cotton candy. When she was little, cotton candy at the Spooner Rodoe was one of the highlights of her summer. She is now 21 and still enjoys her cotton candy....some things never change :)

Finally cotton candy at the Rodeo......

Here I go....

I LOVE cotton candy.......



I am totally out of control!!!!!!

NEVER a dull moment when Alyssa is around she keeps me laughing all the time and also keeps me young...what a gift she is to me!!!!! Thank you Jesus for my little girl!!!!!!!!! Just had to share these pics.
God Bless......Rhonda

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rodeo Is Over And It's Back To Work For Me

I spent last weekend at the Spooner Rodeo and also spent precious time with my family...I had an awesome time in Spooner!!!!!

This was my grandson Noah's first Rodeo. Here I am holding my little precious gift from God. I LOVE this little boy SO much!!!!!! When he is around, I make such a fool of myself, my husband says that I dump him like a hot rock and it's Brent who when Noah is's true Noah has stolen my heart!!!!!

Here is my son Kasey and his son (my grandson) Noah....I can't believe how much Noah looks like Kasey when he was little. It's like I go back in time when I am around Noah except I am a bit older now :)

How precious!!!!!

My daughter Kara and I enjoying the Rodeo

Here I am getting us some pops at the 4-H stand. When my kids were little we spent many hours at this 4-H food stand. My girls were in 4-H and we LOVED the Washburn County Fair which was held in August. We knew summer was almost over and school was about to start when the fair was on....memories, I LOVE them!!!!

My husband Brent was able to get a few days off and come to the Rodeo on Friday you can tell, he wears his sunglasses a lot on the marsh...he has coon eyes. But isn't he cute!!!!! I think so!!!!!!
The Grand entry that kicks off the Rodeo...I LOVE this part!!!!!1

I love the when the flag go's so patriotic!!!!!

Here is Carly about to sing our National Anthem and she sounds like an angle when she sings it. She is riding a horse I used to own years ago. His name is Ice and is now 20 years old, I think he looks pretty good for 20. His owner uses him to rope off of. He is doing what he loves.....he always LOVED to run!!!!!

Here is shot of the barrel racing, my favorite event

Barrel Racing

It rained on Friday night, not a lot but just enough to make it miserable...but after there was a beautiful sky and also a double rainbow. The rainbow is God's promise that he will never destroy the world with a flood again. I always think of that when I see a rainbow.

Well that's it for the Rodeo for another year. I am back in Wisconsin Rapids working on my primitives and feeling a bit behind. I am also helping Joni with a garage sale she is having at "The Country Freckle". Today we were pretty busy but the sale goes on until Saturday so hopefully she will get rid of a lot of overstock. I did take some pictures today during the sale and will post them tomorrow. God Bless....Rhonda