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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Whatcha Workin on Wednesday

Today was finished up the projects you already have started day. After spending the first part of the week organizing, I was excited to get sewing again. Andy finally got some clothes. I didn't have a pattern for his pants so I had to draw one...not really hard just a few fitting problems. I will make a few changes next time I make them.....learn as you go that's my motto in the sewing.

Andy is holding a big heart with a grungy hang tag that says "I Love Annie"......He's got his arm around her.......too cute

These are small Annie's that I am going to make into a swag...they will be cute when they are finished, hoping to finish them tomorrow. I will post pictures of them done.

Here are some more bunny's made from a free pattern from Sweetpeas Primitives to go to her awesome blog and download her pattern click here....One of them is holding a baby doll...LOVE THAT!!!!!


In my last post, I said I would post some pictures of some of the western show clothes I have made for some of my clients. I started making show clothes about 14 years ago when my daughters and I used to show our horses, I pretty much just sewed for us. But people would ask me so design shirts for them so I started sewing for others about 8 years ago.......I became a very busy girl. I use Lamb skin leather for the appliques and Swarvorski crystals for an awesome sparkle. Here are a few pictures of my work.

I sold a lot of these...they were a big hit last year!!!!!

I love the contrast of the black and aqua blues

When the sun hits the crystals it is a stunning SPARKLE out in the arena!!!!!

This one was a different design I tried I LOVE the neckline, but I think if I make it again I will add a collar onto the neckline.

I made brown pants to match this jacket...I think this is one of my favorites

Here I am....finally finished with these two...YES!!!! I was sooooo glad

I also made pants to match this jacket

I made pants to match this jacket also

Well, that's about it for today for me. To join in on the Wednesday fun check out Leslie's blog and let us know what you are workin on today.

God Bless and Always remember...JESUS LOVES YOU!!!!.....Rhonda


Leslie said...

I'm always thinking that there are so many Annie's and no Andy! You made the pair :)

The little Annie swag sounds really cute!

I want to make those rabbit make-do's. I'm just not quite in the mood to think of spring yet, afraid I'll jinx myself. Maybe a week or so and I'll get to that? Yours turned out very nicely!

My cousin's Aunt, who is also Shane's friend's Mom, makes clothing for horse shows, too. They are so pretty and the price tags on those things are AMAZING! Who would have thunk it? Nadine said she started mostly because their daughter shows and they didn't have the money to buy the clothing. It was cheaper for her to make them. Then she developed her own patterns and people liked her work so she started selling.

Have a great day!